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IUD Jahrbuch 2017

IUD Yearbook 2017

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Winner Universal Design Competition 2017

Bump Menu-1

Bump Speisekarte

winner expert-consumer iud 2017
Bump Speisekarte
Bump Menu

Gao Fenglin
Zhou Buyi

Hangzhou NANOIN Industrial Design Co., Ltd

Blind people usually feel difficult to order dishes. They can not watch dazzling menu, but only listen carefully of the waiter’s introduction. Then they have to remember the names clearly, and make choice immediately. Now this bump menu can help blind to do it by themselves. Its normal status appears many protruding hemispheres with the braille on the surface. We can press or restore the hemispheres to choose our food. Because of its transparent surface, normal people can read the printed words inside, and blind people can read by touching the braille outside.

Bump Menu-2
Bump Menu-3

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